Our approach
Our approach

ETI Labs provides Trainings and Workshops in both hardware and software fields. We seek the overall development of highly motivated students and those interested in learning extensively. The students would experience an exciting time in learning and research about the various technologies and concepts. We prepare our interns for Industry4.0 and prepare them to deal with real-life- based problems.

Training & Workshop
Training & Workshop

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  • Embedded system and its applications
  • 8051 programming (ASM & C)
  • Using a timer, counter, interrupt capabilities of 8051
  • Peripheral interfacing with 8051
  • Build real-life projects using microcontroller
  • ARM processors and RISC architecture
  • ARM hardware architecture
  • Learning embed and online compiler
  • Understanding GPIO, ADC, PWM, and Serial communication programming
  • Build real-life projects using ARM platform
  • Development board concept
  • Requirements to make a development board
  • Designing schematic & PCB on PCB design software
  • Generating output files for PCB manufacturing
  • Testing sample programs on boards
  • Circuit design using software tools
  • PCB Design and layout
  • Component library design
  • Routing (Auto & Manual)
  • Generating Gerber files
  • Component assembly, soldering, and testing
  • Internet of Things & its applications
  • Basics of Linux
  • Build your computer using Raspberry Pi platform
  • Interfacing sensors with Raspberry Pi board
  • Setup IoT connectivity using a remote desktop
  • Understand Raspbian OS, Python programming, SMTP and API
  • Build various IoT projects
  • Basics of Mobile computing and its components
  • Basics of Raspberry Pi and porting the OS
  • Basics of Linux
  • Programming in Python.
  • Interfacing basic i/o devices, sensors and communication modules with Raspberry Pi
  • Accessing device remotely
  • Build your own real-life project
  • Internet of Things & its applications
  • Introduction to Esp8266 and Node MCU
  • Arduino IDE
  • Interfacing various sensors and communication modules
  • Sending data from Arduino to Android phone
  • Sending data from Arduino to cloud
  • Make your own real-life projects