“Tech” it easy with COVID – 19

“Tech” it easy with COVID – 19

By: Riddhi Pal


“Tech” it easy with COVID – 19

The virus which made us wash our hands and rubbing alcohol. An outbreak that led mankind to rethink. The sudden gush in the COVID-19 made us realized that how things could become so much catastrophic. While the immune-boosted people being fortuitous.


The non-availability of the vaccine has only made things foreseeable of what could be the next, leading us to a way of noncommittal. But, on the same boat, the aspiration and hope is an absolute heritage of humankind.

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Technology role in combating the COVID-19:

It is challenging and prudent to tackle the toughest part of fighting with the COVID i.e. to find the people who do not show any symptoms of COVID before they unknowingly infect others. Today, it becomes all about the usefulness of the data, the prediction, and the probability of the current reported cases. The scientists and engineers all across the globe are working continuously on the development of the vaccines. Many tech companies are working on Artificial Intelligence to collect the data for the analysis and prediction.

Such as:


Oura Ring
Oura Ring

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The OURA company in collaboration with the University of California has invented the OURA ring. The ring collects the physiological data from the person wearing it, and from analyzing it with the symptom surveys guided by the University of California. This leads to the prediction of the illness before the person gets infected.

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Whoop Band
Whoop band

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This band studies physiological changes of the person wearing it. It studies the sleep pattern and the heart rate pattern, and collects the data accordingly and notify the user through the app if something goes off-track.

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The stop COVID-19 app is launched by the Mount Sinai Hospital. It is for prediction the data collect by the app. It collects the information by tracking the clusters of people who are in close vicinity with each other and send the data accordingly to the government and the hospital servers.

The WHO has also used data science and the chatbots to spread awareness regarding the virus.

The Govt. of India has developed the app and numerous mobile applications to track the people in public and the home-quarantined. Such as:

It is developed by the National Informatics Center, Govt. of India. The app tells about the risk factors of the person using it based on the information filled by the person. The app uses the GPS data and the phone’s Bluetooth to keep an eye on whether the user has come across someone who has tested positive for the virus. The data is sent to the servers and accordingly, the risk factors and the necessary information are fetched to the user.

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Government officials are using various AI-based systems such as geo-mapping the areas, analyzing the data, and identifying the hotspots and the containment zones. Drones are deployed to sanitize the areas of hotspot. Tech has become an integral part of allowing the contactless functioning of this time of lockdown and social isolation.

Virtual Platforms:

The virtual platforms have provided a huge connecting network ensuring the continuous flow of work. Such as:



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The Zoom meetings are now being used widely in both the public and the private sectors.

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THE GOOGLE MEET: Google provides various friendly apps that could be downloaded and mostly are pre-installed in the devices. As a result, playing a vital role in connectivity.

google meet
google meet

Now, the educators can reach the students through PROCTUR, an ED tech startup, who have decided to prevail free live classes for one month. Google, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp are working to bust the virus misinformation.

Fight against coronavirus:

The COVID is an infectious disease, caused by the newly discovered coronavirus. To fight against the corona, we need to be well informed about the COVID-19 virus such as its causes and how it spreads. The prevention primarily includes sanitization strategies such as washing hands or using an alcohol-based rub, not touching the face, and also wearing masks. The fight against corona is not only physically but also mentally. We need to make peace with our mind and the spirit. Thus, it is important to take care of our mental health as well. For the information link is given below:

The WHO has provided all the technical guidance as listed:

  • Surveillance
  • laboratories
  • Coordination, planning, and monitoring
  • health care
  • washing hands and precautions guidelines
  • Critical preparedness
  • avoidance of animal/human contact transmission
  • entry points for the gatherings
  • nomenclature of the COVID-19
  • operations for the migrants and refugees
  • health team
  • regulating the whole system

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Steps taken by ETIL against COVID: 

The ETIL has followed and encouraged the guidelines given by the WHO and the Govt. of India. The ETIL has encouraged and practiced the Work from Home strategy, and focusses on the customizing the way of work. Therefore, the idea of “Stay at home” or “Shelter in place” is promote. The ETIL has enlisted the guidelines for their interns as well, to cope up with the ongoing scenario. Thus, striking a balance of the work ethic and mental & physical health. The ETIL has now switched more to the online platform, thus taking a step ahead against corona. Amidst, on this ongoing scenario, the ETIL has provided special support and care for its workers and interns. Drones are deployed to sanitize the areas of the hotspot. Tech has become an integral part of allowing the contactless functioning of this time of lockdown and social isolation.


Combating the coronavirus is exigent. This time requires pluckiness and valor to brawl against the virus. At times during the lockdown, we feel lonely and confined, as we all are habitual of commotion. This phase of our lives has brought in stillness making us revive and indeed allowed us to complete the things which were left halfway. Today, there exists no complaints regarding the availability of time. We have got ample time to work on our energies within, to uplift ourselves, to work on our own. It is a chance to figure out things and sort out our skirmishes.

That’s the outlook that matters.


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